The Power of Privacy

We live in a highly connected world. Everything we say, do and see is broadcast across millions of screens. Go Invisible challenges the existing channels of digital communication and provides a safe way to share the important messages in life.



GoInvis, Go Invisible, Invisible Text - what exactly is the name of the application?

While all of our social media channels and even our website make reference to “Go Invisible” or “Go Invis,” the applications we’ve created are individually named. These include:

All of these four applications live under the umbrella of the GoInvis brand.

What devices do your applications run on?

Eventually, all of our applications will be able to run on ALL mobile operating systems. While this will eventually be the case, we roll out the applications on iOS, then Android, and then on to Blackberry and Windows. Depending on a current application’s stage in the release process, it could be possibly that it is not currently available on your device.

Bear with us while we take user feedback from the application’s release on other platforms, fine-tune it and port it over to your system. Before we release the application across all mobile systems, it’s important to us that the product works flawlessly and is easy to understand! We appreciate your patience as we release our products.

Do both people have to have the application in order to communicate?

Yes. Invisible Text (and any of our other applications) are designed to be messaging applications that you use to supplement or replace your current methods of mobile communication. In order for the application to work, both people must download the app, create an account, and pair your phone with your friends and their devices via the Invisible platform.

How does the application work exactly?

The first time you download our application, you will be asked to create an account. This can be done by hand by typing in your information or you can utilize the Facebook Registration option and register using your Facebook information. Upon creating your account for the first time, you will be sent a PIN number to the cell phone number you provided. Enter that PIN into the application to complete registration.

Once registration is completed, you must grant the Invisible application access to your contacts. This is so you can either “Send an Invite” to people you wish to communicate with OR so you can pair your device with a friend who is already using the application. Once paired, they will appear in the “Pairings” section at the bottom of your screen.

From there, simply click on their name and type your message. You can use the slider at the top of the text box to select how long you want the text message to be available to the person you’re sending it to. If you send a message and wish to take it back before they’ve read it, swipe the “SENT” text and tap to delete – it’s magic!

Are the messages sent REALLY private?

Absolutely. We use proprietary encoding that keeps the messages from being able to be read until they arrive at the other person’s phone. No data is retained on our servers and no information in regards to your messages are kept.

The application doesn’t work for me, what can I do?

We're sorry to hear that. Our developers and designers are constantly working to make our apps bigger, better and more user friendly. If the application isn't working for you, chances are we're already working on a fix for your particular issue. Please keep checking back to ensure you have the latest version!