About Invisible Social

Invisible Social is social messaging behind closed doors. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and pull in contacts to carry on your private conversations. Take your communications off of the big social networks and restore the sanctity of one-on-one communication with safety and security backed by the Go Invisible brand.

Forget about broadcasting your conversations to the whole world. Say what you want to who you want with our Invisible Social application.

No more nosey family members. No more nosey friends. Avoid it all with Invisible Social.

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Our Happy Clients Say
  • "...a great solution for any business person, celebrity or Regular Joe who can imagine little worse than losing his phone in a bar, a taxi or to a thief and leaving his messages vulnerable to prying eyes."

    – Michelle Maisto, Senior Write for eweek.com
  • "Think of Snapchat/Facebook Poke on steroids and this is your app. Send images, messages and more to someone knowing that you are protected. The app allows you to set a timer that self-destructs the message if it’s not read in time and doesn’t allow the opportunity of screenshots. An added bonus for you drunk texters, the app allows you to delete a message before it’s even been opened.”

    – Nicole Leicht, writer for collegian.com
  • “This is a game changer. I don’t have to worry about my texts being saved and shared in my business or personal life. Don’t tell anyone but I just discovered a whole new way to communicate.”

    – James Karnhopf, college student